How We Work With Consumer Electronics Companies

Jacobson Communication excels at supporting the strategic marketing initiatives and PR needs of consumer electronics companies. We work with clients in both a long-term capacity and on project-based initiatives. Click here to contact us about working with your consumer electronics company.

We Help Consumer Electronics Companies:

• Stand Out From the Competition. The staggering volume of gadgets flooding the consumer electronics market makes getting the consumer’s attention a significant challenge. Jacobson Communication helps consumer electronics companies back-solve mindshare solutions into complicated market channels, and find meaningful paths to significant consumer engagement.

• Resonate With The Right Audience. Helping consumers find the right gadget is about more than stat sheets and feature sets: it’s about helping specific types of people identify with a quality brand and targeted products in its line. Jacobson Communication helps consumer electronics companies identify their brand’s voice and match key products and features to specific target audiences. Jacobson Communication helps brands craft a strategic narrative that helps sell products to the right audiences. Through strategic public relations, marketing messaging, and brand storytelling, Jacobson Communication helps consumer electronics companies resonate with the right audiences.

• Drive Meaningful PR Campaigns. While many consumer electronics companies operate under the belief that PR stands for “press release” and nothing else, Jacobson Communication believes that true public relations is about how well a brand resonates with its audience, how often, and in what context. We don’t settle for subpar PR and press releases that only jump through hoops for quarterly earnings statements—we’re at the forefront of predicting future trends and insights that drive passionate future narratives for emerging and evolving consumer electronics brands.

Services for Consumer Electronics Companies:

About Us Messaging

The “About Us” paragraph is possibly one of the most important communication pieces for any consumer electronics company. It is the first thing people see in web search results, the last thing they see in your email signature, and the public-facing element that supports every press release and announcement your organization distributes. Yet it is often neglected—thrown together from legacy messaging, and adjusted haphazardly without strategic thought as to its impact and significance.

Jacobson Communication helps consumer electronics companies create clear, high-impact “about us” paragraphs that define your organization and engage your audience.

Public Relations Work & Marketing Messaging

From flyers to banners and beyond, Jacobson Communication can help your company tell its story and get noticed with meaningful, well-crafted public relations initiatives.

Thought Leadership & Contributed Articles

Does your company’s leadership team want to establish their professional leadership in a specific industry? Jacobson Communication can help them craft compelling articles for placement in strategic publications. Jacobson Communication also specializes in creating company supporting, consumer-facing articles aimed at the general public.

Video Scripts

Jacobson Communication’s team is deeply skilled in the art of crafting high-impact video scripts for ads, about us videos, video case studies, demo videos, and more.

Email Communication Planning

From subject lines to communications calendars, Jacobson Communication can help your company craft narratives and campaigns that compel your network to action.

Website Copy

Your website is often the first impression people have of your organization. It must communicate what your company is, what it does, why it’s relevant, and how people can engage. Jacobson Communication can help your consumer electronics company create compelling, engaging website copy that drives your company’s initiatives.

Product Packaging

Jacobson Communication specializes in the art of helping companies create eye-catching, high-impact messaging for product packaging.

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