How We Work With Nonprofits

Jacobson Communication excels at supporting the strategic marketing initiatives and PR needs of nonprofits. We work with clients in both a long-term capacity and on project-based initiatives. Click here to contact us about working with your nonprofit organization.

We Help Nonprofits:

• Drive Donations With Better Communications. Nonprofits support great causes—but causes alone do not attract donors. Jacobson Communication helps nonprofits establish a communications strategy that drives donations by compelling an audience to action.

• Define Competitive Advantage. Nonprofits face very real competition for donors, volunteers, and funding. Resources are limited, and target audiences can choose where to spend their time, money, and talent. Jacobson Communication helps nonprofits establish their marketplace position and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Get More From Marketing and Public Relations. While anyone can hire a communications firm or send a press release over the wire, it takes skill and talent to consistently plan, implement, reevaluate, and evolve communications work. Jacobson Communication helps nonprofits evaluate their marketing and PR initiatives to ensure a high return on investment.

Services for Nonprofits:

Case Studies

Case studies are a great way for your nonprofit to showcase good works to the public. They are also a powerful messaging component that attract and retain potential donors. Jacobson Communication helps nonprofits create powerful case studies that support compelling narratives and calls to action. Here are some of the ways we help nonprofits create case studies:

• Identifying the right questions. Good case studies present persuasive data explained in a genuine way. Jacobson Communication helps nonprofits decide what data they want to present in a case study. We’ll work with you to build relevant, easy-to-answer questions that your case study subjects will find relatable.

• Turning raw answers into compelling stories. Raw answers sometimes need a little finesse. Jacobson Communication works to capture the essence of your case study answers and compose them in a way that is most likely to drive reader understanding, empathy, and action.

• Design. How you tell your story is as important as its content. Jacobson Communication can help you identify and create the look and feel your case study needs to draw your audience into its narrative.

Donor Collateral

Attracting new donors to your nonprofit can be a significant communications challenge. Acknowledging and engaging current donors is also an important part of maintaining healthy donor relationships.

Jacobson Communication helps nonprofits create messaging and narratives that can be used across multiple donor-facing collateral. We understand what compels donors to take action and what they want in return, and can help you artfully create high-yield communications to support your nonprofit’s donor engagement goals.

About Us Messaging

The “About Us” paragraph is possibly one of the most important communication pieces for any nonprofit. It is the first thing people see in web search results, the last thing they see in your email signature, and the public-facing element that supports every press release and announcement your organization distributes. Yet it is often neglected—thrown together from legacy messaging, and adjusted haphazardly without strategic thought as to its impact and significance.

Jacobson Communication helps nonprofits create clear, high-impact “about us” paragraphs that define your organization and engage your audience.

Public Relations Work & Marketing Messaging

From flyers to banners and beyond, Jacobson Communication can help your nonprofit tell its story in any medium and get noticed with meaningful, well-crafted public relations initiatives.

Industry Study Positioning

If your nonprofit has significant insight or information about an industry, it may be time to consider publishing an industry study. Jacobson Communication can help you decide what kind of study to publish, as well as help you craft the messaging to elicit action from your target audience.

Thought Leadership Articles

Does your nonprofit’s leadership team want to establish expertise in a specific industry? Jacobson Communication can help craft compelling articles for placement in strategic publications. Jacobson Communication also specializes in creating nonprofit-supporting articles aimed at the general public.

Video Scripts

Jacobson Communication’s team is expert at crafting high-impact video scripts for ads, “about us” videos, video case studies, demo videos, and more.

Email Communication Planning

From subject lines to communications calendars, Jacobson Communication can help your nonprofit craft narratives and campaigns that compel your network to action.

Website Copy

Your website is often the first impression people have of your nonprofit. It must communicate what your nonprofit is, what it does, why it’s relevant, and how people can engage. Jacobson Communication can help your nonprofit create compelling, engaging website copy that drive your nonprofit’s initiatives.

Speeches and Panel Discussion Guides

Are events a significant part of your nonprofit’s outreach and engagement strategy? Jacobson Communication can help your executive speakers craft high-impact speeches. We can also create compelling questions to engage panelists and prompt memorable crowd conversation.

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